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Annoying bugs

Wont update friends lists and crashes store anytime I browse for more than 20s


Crashes often, PS Store never loads and its nearly impossible to purchase anything. Sony should try a bit harder.

RemotePlay Please




Wäre super, wenn man Partychats übers iPhone durchführen könnte.


More Power Controlle features plz

I only use the app for shutting down my ps. Remoteconteolw does not work in apps like YouTube :(. Please more features, its not that complicated solutions are there just do it

Love it

Im loving this app the only downfall is that it needs more support and updates regularly

Why a separate messaging app?

What happened all of a sudden? Just a few days ago I used this app to message friends and now it says I need another app. Whos bright idea was this? Oh yeah, Facebook did this crap years ago. If youre gonna go all Mark Zuckerberg on us, at least update the app description so it doesnt say "chat with your friends" in the second bullet point. Also, you should get rid of the messages button in the app. Or you could be smart and add back the messages capability. Theres no reason we need another app just for messaging.


Honestly the app was mostly garbage to begin with, and now that theyve separated the messaging into a separate app, theres just no need for it anymore

Not working on iPhone 6 Plus


Hot mess!

After the online disasters that Sony has experienced, youd think they would think twice about launching a flaky app like this. Cant complete a purchase, and keeps prompting me for login at every turn (or have they been hacked AGAIN?).


Used to think it was a good app. They must of screwed it in an update. This is my new experience. App gives notification u got a message. Open app to view message. App tells u to download an app to view message. Garbage. Way to copy Facebook and fail.

Terrible and Buggy

When you launch the PS Store it gets so laggy and crashes a lot of the time PLEASE FIX THIS!

Very slow to load

The app is excruciatingly slow to load. Very cumbersome to work with.

Bring back old app

it was perfect a year ago when eveything was simple and all in one I hate the two apps other then that everything work perfect for me ipad air 2 and iPhone 6

Real handy app

But it would be cool to access the communities

Forced update bs

I liked the previous version that allowed for chat now Im forced to have the crap updated version that does not allow messages thanks Facebook app you started this wtf

Rate this garbage down!

Do not let big companies get away with releasing such terrible apps. Read messages on my PS4 dont sync between the PlayStation and the PS Messages apps. Come on!!


The app crashes consistently. Trying to load any page within the app fails to load, 99% of the time. Having to use another app for messages is..just wrong. Having the PSN store load on a page inside the app and not redirect to the website would be fantastic. One thing the app does gets right is second screen, this function has worked without error for me. Id like to see a dedicated trophy page in the bottom row, with the option to view them offline (recent 20 games). Being able to send/view messages would also be great. One Star for the one function I enjoy and use.

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